Login To Create Appointment? Google

I set the login to yes to create appointment. Then selected the Google, Facebook, Twitter, WP option...

I tried logging in with Google, hit allow and nothing happens still wants you to login. Is this suppose to register a user with your site using there google information? If so it is not doing anything that I can see..

I just registered as a new user... Hit login to make appointment, took me to the register page but Noticed I was redirected back to the main site to login and not the actual sub site of the multisite Is this not compatible with multi. Shouldn't I have been directed back to the appointment page or at least that subsite?

Can you register from front end without being redirected? The front end login only seems to be good for existing users to keep you on the correct page. If you are new user and especially using this on a multisite, you would not find your way back because wp sends you and email to login to the main site of the multisie which puts you in the admin dashboard when all you were trying to do is make an appoitment :slight_smile:

If a user is logged in, can they updated their appoitment ( cancel, change time ect...?) If not what is the benefit of logged in user?

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush

    Hi Scott,

    I mark registration from front end as a feature request.

    A+ uses the model of e-commerce applications. e.g. MarketPress. In those applications you cannot cancel your order even if you are a registered user. But still there is an option for registration obligation to place an order.

    I cannot know why you may want your clients to be logged in. This is completely up to you. Some website owners prefer this, some do not.

    Maybe other website owners answer your last question.

    The only practical benefit as far as A+ concerned, client can see his appointments from his user page even he re-logged in from a different location/device. Otherwise he has to use the same device as cookies are device and browser dependent.


  • scott74
    • The Crimson Coder

    Ok, so your saying if you use the shortcode show appointments then when a client who has booked comes back to the page where the schedule is, it will show his or her appointment?

    I noticed on some other ones I was playing around with that they could update/change /cancel their appointment if they needed to or reschedule it form the link in the confirmation email they received and then it would come back available on the schedule should they do so.

    Did not know if was something you considered adding as an option in the future :slight_smile:

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