Login w FB goes to generic page, works but looks like it isn't working

There are questions in here:
I am using Ultimate Facebook with Coursepress Pro. I was unable to login until I unchecked "Use Custom Login form"( CPP-Settings-General-Login-Use Custom Login Form).

This has meant that users go to a generic WP login page.

1) Did I have t uncheck that box? Can people stay on my page?

I have allowed one-click registration. I'm not sure it's working. I have tried joining my site while logged in to FB and I still go to the same generic login page. I have also tried this a user who had already joined via FB.

2) Is that how it works? How do I make it work better?

When I do login with FB, I get this wifi signal looking thing by the login- suggesting that the computer is processing the request-- but I don't get in. I just sit there waiting. When I get impatient and just go back to the site anyway-- I am logged in.

3) How do I get past the waiting wifi signal?

Thanks in advance,