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I'm just a little confused as to the functionality of the Facebook Connect widget. After configuring the plugin, I placed the Facebook Connect widget in my sidebar and activated the registration feature. Although the 'Login with Facebook' button worked, the Login (Login | Register) link above the button was a source of confusion as it lead nowhere. Is this normal behaviour for the widget?

I'm currently using the Shortcode for the Facebook Connect button in a Text widget to avoid any user confusion when signing up to the site as you can see here in the top of the left sidebar.


My only concern with this method is confusing users who do not have existing FB accounts or do not wish to connect them.

Also, when placing the Facebook Connect widget in my drop down panel at the top of the site, the Login and Register buttons become outlines with standard text links.



  • Kimberly


    Hi and Welcome to WPMU forums :slight_smile:

    The Facebook Connect feature with this plugin gives users the additional flexibility to log into and join your site using their facebook account vs creating a whole new registration, username, password, etc

    The widget is just a convenient place for you to locate this functionality. The text above the widget is just the title of that section of the sidebar, just like "new to the crew" or "recent posts". The style is the same across these titles so I don't think you'll have too many people trying to click on it.

    The Sign Up and Login in at the top of the page are the links that Facebook and Non-Facebook users can use to register for your site. You can maybe create a Hypertext link to these if you want to include them in your sidebar near the facebook login widget.

    Hope this helps and Welcome!



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