Logo in header instead of text in SimpleMarket

I am trying to replace the text in the header with a company logo, which is basic functionality offered by any theme out there.

However, not easy on SimpleMarket.

I created a child theme and modified header.php, but if it could be done by CSS I guess would be more elegant?

Can’t believe the themes from WPMU don’t offer this. Or other simple settings, like changing the colors and fonts, most themes offer these things these days, including social media integration, SEO, responsive design and so on. All your themes are in desperate need of updating and rewriting to remotely compete with modern theme development.

To get back to the particular problem, there is a header image there, which also insists in getting cropped/stretched to 1102 × 350. I need a logo above the “site-actions”, inside the “side-logo” div, but would love to have a flexible implementation regarding size. I could just hard code the width and height myself and stick an image in there, but doesn’t seem elegant.

Thank you,