logout error from edu-clean home page

Hey all,

When I (as admin or user) try to logout from the primary blog through the edu-clean theme I get the following error message:

You are attempting to log out of Neighborhosting.com

Please try again.

I don't get this message when I click the sign out button from the dashboard/admin interface.

I thought it might be a cookies/local cache problem, but it is happening in separate browsers and with a cleared cache new sign in.



  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    You guys are right.

    I upgraded to the newest version of the theme and the logout error has been corrected.

    For some reason, I still can't get users to be able to upload their own avatar though. The admin can (and admin can do it for users) but users don't have this ability. It's listed in the sidebar widget under User, but clicking the link redirects back to the main wp-admin dashboard.

    I am using the Admin Options plugin to disable some of the sidebar options, but there is no setting to enable or disable avatars. Any ideas?

    Thanks again.


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