Looking for a plugin that can count...

Hey all,

Let me start off by saying that I love this site, and it's become my #1 resource for WordPress help (unless it's related to a non-WPMU DEV plugin, in which I post at it's site/the WordPress.org support forums).

I'm looking for a plugin that let's me show the number of posts on a site, yet allows me to exclude categories. I want to use it to show the number of arcade games at Canuck Gamers, where games and site news are posts separated by category. If the plugin could work with custom posts (ideally), I could use it at another site to show the number of stories, posts, and games.

I tried searching Google, but only came up with GeneralStats, which is good for a blog, but for my purpose won't work because you can't exclude certain categories.

Thanks for the help once again!
Nathan Pinno