Looking for a pluging to grab tweets by hashtag

Looking to see if WPMU has a plugin that can handle this..

1) Search twitter for a specific hashtag and grab those tweets
2) CONDITION: It can only grab them from MY account, not any account
3) Display them on a post/page but using the styles available if you were to embed a code from twitter's on site.

I know there's built in Twitter embedded in Wordpress, but it's stupid. You can't style it, you can't condition it, and you can't even do things like align center.

Basically, if you look at this page:


The tweets on there are there because I manually inserted HTML code that I got from Twitter's site. I want to automate that, pulling in the #listentoall hashtag, but only if it's from my account. I also want it displayed the same way as these tweets are displayed, which is the basic twitter code. I don't want to have to skin or css it myself, I just want it to look like the way Twitter would do it themselves.

OK, any ideas?