Looking for a solution. Perhaps a combination of several plugins

We are setting up a series of sites for a business.  Each location will have it’s own site and have the same categories, events, news, announcements, ect. The information will be propagated from the websites we create for the location owners and related organizations in their respective Location.

When a business creates a new post for an announcement for example on their website I want it to show up on the locations “city.domain.com” web site and also the main site “domain.com”

It would be nice if the admins at the City level had some level of controlling what information went on their site.  The idea is to allow posts to flow freely to the location/business level based on categories or tags.  However if a business or organization is not following posting rules, how can we keep their posts out of the rest of the system?

I have gathered that it will take a few of the plugins here https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/post-indexer/

However I need help putting into execution the correct plugins to.

I have also looked at ThreeWP Broadcast ThreeWP Broadcast But it does not appear the incoming site has any control over what is added on their site. Thanks for your help with this!