Looking for a specific set of plugins…

I want to set up a documentation project that pulls news from various locations based on the sub-directory. The site will be wpmu with focus on business, networking, and technology. So a sub-directory called tech will be created that house documents I and others create along with news and product ratings specific to technology. Same for business, networking, etc. What I’m having a hard time finding are the right “type”? of plugins that will allow this. I came across the Article Directory plugin and theme and it looks really good. I just need to test it on WPMU. So I’m wondering what other plugin suggestions, if any, would anyone have for making this a succeful project? I hope to allow authors to upload and their works in addition to having a discussion community sub-directory running BuddyPress or some other forum.

Would anyone be able to recommend a “typical” list of plugins to get me started?

Any responses appreciated.