Looking for a starting point to build a questionnaire plugin

I’ve spent a couple of days looking at survey tools available for WordPress to find something that could be adapted for our requirements and haven’t really found anything suitable so might need to do this from scratch, but wondered if anyone had seen anything similar maybe used for something else that could be adapted. Or any programmers looking for work :slight_smile:

Our requirements aren’t quite for surveys or quizzes but that’s the closest thing I can find.

To run on WordPress Multisite, we want site admins to be able to add ‘recording’ and ‘rating’ tests to their websites. The format is a set of questions (say between 5 and 15 questions) which are to record the user’s scores doing various things (e.g. height, weight, various mental and physical tests).

The user would be able to answer the questions every so often and track their progress/changes via charts.

Some questions are ratings (e.g. how do I feel) on a scale of 1 to 10.

Some questions are measurements, e.g. how fast can I run 100 metres, scale 1.0 to 30.0 seconds.

We would set some questionnaires for the whole network, but others could be configured by the site admin.

It would be great if there was a way of admins sharing their questionnaires between sites, like in a library. Perhaps they would have content attached (how-to) that could be monetized.

The actual front end interface will be overlaid with things like graphical slider controls and would be responsive and mobile-friendly.

Analysis across the whole network, and reports within sites with export facility.

Has anyone used anything along these sorts of lines?