Looking for advice on which plugins to use

I am looking to help a client build a site with the following features. Can you please advise which plugins I would need. it’s an Etsy like situation. VENDORS: Vendors will sign up, pay a monthly membership fee, be able to upload unlimited items to sell, set their own pricing, setup (or choose from) several categories of items, unique shipping, taxes and payment gateways, create a custom ‘store’ profile with terms/conditions/returns/policies, receive email notifications when orders arrive, login to view and communicate with customers who have purchased from them.

CUSTOMERS: be able to search/browse from all vendors and add items from several vendors to the same cart. On checkout, it would be great if they could just pay 1 time but if they have to make separate payments per vendor, that will work too. Checkout without account as well as creating an account for future purchasing. Customer should receive email confirmation of orders showing contact info for each vendor they have purchased from.

ADMIN: New vendors need to be manually approved/denied. Monthly membership fee’s integrated into a payment processor. If a payment is declined, account should be suspended and email notification should go out. There needs to be a manual override for approving vendors even if payment is declined. Reports showing sales by vendor. Ability to look up orders from all vendors. Ability to look up all customer profiles.

Thank you very much for any assistance and guidance.