Looking for input on membership/marketpress set-up

Hi there! I am looking for feedback and suggestions!
I have client site that offers wine sales. They wish to add Wine Club Memberships with quarterly shipments of wine packages, and these also include the option to buy their other products at a discount (which will vary, depending on which Wine Club a customer joins).

My thought was to keep the regular wine sales in Marketpress, but to offer the Wine Club Sales to be purchased through Membership. Then I could create different pages for each level of membership (whatever Wine Club they had joined, in other-words) that would only be available to these members, and these pages would offer the discounted products - which would be Marketpress products with the applicable discount Membership level's discount in place.

Whew. Anyway, if you are actually following all of this, LOL, does this sound like the best way to go for this?

Thanks for any input and/or suggestions!