Looking for plugin and set up suggestions for list of things I am planning to add

Hi there :slight_smile:,

I am trying to wrap my head around all the different stuff I am planning to offer on my BP/MU site and I see there would pretty much always be a couple ways to get there with WPMUDEV Plugins but I am open for other plugin suggestions too...

Basically my site already runs Directory Plugin for casinos reviews, Classifieds for members wanting to sell stuff, Events for actual live events and all those plugins are running under my main domain and I am looking to add those things (plus a couple more in the future with similar needs):

A.) a sort of couch surfing directory where members can post they got a place to stay available and members able to comment and get in touch and possibly also rate the person

B.) a sort of home event listing that members can post themselves and people can reply if they will show up etc

C.) D.) E.) a location guide/a hotel review/a nightlife places review all very similar to the casino review I already got up

I feel like I should have started MU subdomain sites for each of those plugins to have it better organized in a way, but not sure...

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:


  • Patrick

    Hi there @Toni

    I hope you are well today!

    You already have a Directory plugin running for casino reviews, and want to duplicate similar functionality for 4 more review types.

    You also have an Events plugin running for one type of event, and want to duplicate that for another type of event.

    Ouch. It sounds to me like you're gonna wind up pulling out all your hair trying to get that all working smoothly on a single site. :slight_smile:

    So it would be preferable to either...

    - Set up your multisite network, and use a subsite for each of your event/directory types, or...

    - Keep the single site install, and use custom post-types instead for your different event/directory types.

    In the 2nd option, all you would need is a reviews/ratings plugin, and maybe a cool geo-location plugin (or theme) that could add the required functionality to each post-type.

  • Toni

    Thanks Patrick :slight_smile:, I do worry about my hair :stuck_out_tongue:.

    I already got my multisite network up (for members blogs) but have a couple more questions:

    - is it easy to just import styling options and navigation from the main site? I would prefer not having to set each site up manually, it should really look like part of the whole main website (I customized quite a few things already) and worried about too big of a set up

    - I guess I should just redirect the pages I had set up so far for the casino reviews and events and start over with the multi sites (there arent many yet)?

    - can I separate those "blogs" from my members list of blogs later?

    - I have set up my blogs to be directory.site.com but for those internal sites I would want it to be site.com/directory, whats the easiest way to achieve this?


  • Andre Foisy

    Hello there @Toni,

    I hope you are going well, and that you keep your hair safe :wink:

    Interesting project you have there, by the way.

    I've been looking at how you'd like to do things, and at your last questions and precisions here above, and if you allow me I would answer your questions and bring a few suggestions of my own, about how I would personally do it based on what you already have.

    Since you already have your multisite network set to create and run as sub-domain blogs, it is still possible to run single installs of WordPress in sub-directories. That is site.com/hotel-reviews and so on, and link those review sites together and from and to your MU main site, so they all look seamlessly integrated.

    Your main site design is built with Kleo theme, which is true that it is not a piece of cake to setup. So what I would do is clone the main site using the tools available here at WPMU DEV, you learn more about the tools and the best way to do that from this piece of knowledge here.

    I would then install a cloned copy of my main site in each sub-directory, which will become new topic reviews site on their own, and which will carry the exact same design as the main site. Then I will just have to modify the content for wach review site accordingly. All those review sites will look completely integrated with the main site, will run independently from the multisite installation, and you will still be able to use your MU installation for your purpose of creating blogs for end users, using all the functions and possibilities such settings can offer. :slight_smile:

    I hope that makes sense, but do not hesitate to ask if ever you have more questions.


  • Toni

    Thanks Andre :wink:,

    a multi-multi-site network LOL..

    after reading that post, it seems like all I really need is the WPMU DEV cloner plugin and it should be "easy enough" to follow the steps lol...

    I am not yet 100% done with my site layout and menus etc, so I guess its best to wait until thats all set, right? Or is there a way to easily just copy every change I make in the future in the main template and have it copied to my sub-sites automatically (like change of menu, MCC plugin seems to come close but not sure it will work), actually the site will hopefully be fed by a lot of content on an ongoing basis, so keeping the menu up to date will be a big task if it has to be manual.


  • Andre Foisy

    Hey @Toni

    a multi-multi-site network LOL..

    I'm glad you love the idea! :slight_smile:

    Yes, it is better to wait to have the biggest part of the settings and design of the main site done, before you start the cloning process, right. And while our MCC plugin is great for copying content from a site to another, there unfortunately is no easy way to clone "design, plugins and settings" only, from a site to another.

    Now, about your concern of keeping the menu up to date, you may be complicating things a bit too much in your present vision, a well thought menu structure from the start, should change very few along the evolution of a site and it's content.

    To help you with that, you may find some very good ideas and advices from the article below, from one of our writers. :slight_smile:
    Check it out: Create Highly Customized and Beautiful Mega Menus for WordPress


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