Looking for solution: How can I add pages to hundreds of websites without logging into each one and


I’m using the “New Blog Template” to create ready made websites for clients of a network marketing company. They all receive identical websites with identical content, with the exception that each user authors his / her own blog.

What I need is a way to import new pages into identical WordPress (WPMU) sites.







and so on.

I’ve set the default user to ‘Author’ and as such no user can access the ‘Pages’ or change themes or plugins et al. That’s all locked away for them.

I’m looking for a solution to mass-import new pages into the websites.

Further explanation:

I’m using SSI (server side include) to show the page content, meaning when I need to update the content on one page, I change one text file and that change is then reflected across all those identical pages across all of the websites.

The plug-ins I’m using for this is are:



http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/php-code-widget/ (for PHP includes into the sidebars)

I’d continue doing this. Hence I don’t really need to import a lot of data. My main concern is adding new pages into the page hierarchy and having them show up in the sidebar navigation widgets.

I’m not at all concerned about the main header / footer navigation as that is also SSI.

How can this be done?

Are there any plugins available for this?

IS this something that WPMUDEV could/would develop?

It would open up WPMS as a platform for ready made marketing web sites.