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I'm looking for a solution to how I'd like my site and I've seen there are some pretty smart people in these forums so I'm going to reach out to ask for your advice.

I have a guitar teaching website and I'm looking for something which can act as a directory where I/we put all teachers in the UK in the directory.

When a student wants a teacher, they come to the site, search in the directory and see all the teachers who are available.

I also want to have multisite and user blogs involved in this.

So, free listing = free directory listing
Standard listing = enhanced directory listing + free blog on my site + other features
Pro listing = same as above but also domain mapping etc etc

I'd like the root of my site to have user generated content on it, which will be pulled from the blogs, or even just a small part of the home page to have the user generated content on it.

I will also be providing guitar lessons myself which will appear on the front page.

I'm currently using Genesis.

Ideally I'd also like to use Buddypress so my teachers and students can interact.

There are a lot of moving parts to this project and unfortunately I don't know enough about WP/multisite/BP to be able to customize it.

I've looked at the Directory and Classified plugins but the only problem I have is that if I want to keep the Genesis theme and use the home page for my own content then the above plugins will have to go in a separate install of WP in a /directory directory.

The challenge I then run into is that my users/teachers will have to have multiple logins to access their blog and also to access their directory listing.

Do you have any ideas of how I can approach this? Who I could speak with to help me and what I could do?

Am I being too ambitious with this project?

Many Thanks

  • Philip John

    Hiya Gavin!

    Well, hopefully someone smart will come along soon. Until then I'll see what I can come up with :wink:

    Okay, I believe you could set this up....

    First off, I think you could set up the directory in a sub-site. Using our Post Indexer plugin would ensure you're able to reproduce those listings in some way across the network.

    You can use Membership to set up those three different options you ask for, controlling access to submit listings on the directory site and the blog creation ability.


  • Danzanoid

    Thanks Phil, much appreciated.

    When you say sub-site, do you mean sub directory rather than sub domain and would it have to have a fresh install of Wordpress or could it be activated on one of the user blogs?

    Where abouts would the membership script be located? In the main install or in the directory install?

    Also is there a way that my user only needs to login once, either through the directory install or through the main install.

    I can see this set up might work and it's kind of how I can see it working, but just not sure on a couple of things.

    One last thing I will then need is some kind of search function to go on the main install of the site which will search the /directory for guitar teachers.

    Hope that all makes sense and thank you again for your input!

  • Mason

    Hiya Danzanoid,

    That is quite an ambitious project and you'll definitely need some help as integrating the various plugins and themes you've chosen will require custom development.

    You'll want a WordPress Multisite (this can be sub-domain or sub-directory). On one of these sub-sites you'll want to install directory.

    The membership plugin on our site can be 'network' activated so that it controls the ability for members to create blogs etc. as well as an additional "level" to provide the pro features such as domain mapping.

    Keeping everything on one multisite installation means you won't need to worry about folks logging in multiple times.

    Two major components that will need to be done:
    1. customized membership signup that either happens on the directory sub-site or at least integrates with it.
    2. Directory search built into the main site. If the directory is all hosted on a sub-site, you'll have to have a custom query created to specifically search this from your main site.

    Alternatively, the next version of Directory - due shortly - will allow you to embed a directory into your main site. This would require theme customization so that your current genesis theme displays the information that directory adds to the site.

    It's all doable, but it will require more work than simply activating the right set of plugins.

    We're happy to help with specifics along the way though! :slight_smile:


  • Danzanoid

    Thank you MasonJames,

    So, it's ok for me to install the directory into a sub domain of my site rather than creating a separate install of WP?

    How do I go about doing that? If I install the directory plugin, won't it appear sitewide?

    Do you have any more information about the next version of the Directory? A summary of new features etc? Is it due within weeks or months just so I know how long to wait.

    Also, do you have any details of people who could do this customization which would be needed to integrate Directory with my site and membership etc?

    Thank you,

  • Mason

    Hiya Gavin,

    You can actually grab up the latest beta of the Directory plugin here:

    Give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

    So, it's ok for me to install the directory into a sub domain of my site rather than creating a separate install of WP?

    In Multisite all plugins and themes are installed in the same spot (regardless of sub-site and whether it's a sub-domain or sub-directory). From there, they are either 'Network Activated' which activates them on all sites across the install, or from the individual sites you can activate them which only will have affect on that particular site.

    You may also want to explore our manuals for WordPress to get familiar with how things work:

    Also, do you have any details of people who could do this customization which would be needed to integrate Directory with my site and membership etc?

    Should've given ya a link the first time. Sorry about that. We have a directory of developers and job request area right here on the site:


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