Looking for Successful Multisite Owners to be Interviewed for WPMU.org

Hello Everyone,

I’m a writer at WPMU.org. I’m looking for successful multisite owners who would like to take part in an interview about their sites.

“Successful” in this case means that you are either making a living from your site, or you are making enough that someone might be able to live on (let’s say a few thousand a month).

We’re looking for people who will be willing to open up and give details about how they do things, how they approach certain aspects of their business, the types of plugins they use, etc. Along with this, of course, is the question of earnings. Naturally, this is what people will be MOST interested in. I can understand that you may not want to reveal exactly how much you make, but we’re looking for interviewees who will at least give us an idea. (For example, you might say something like, “My goal was to make $50,000 a year with my site, and I can say that I’ve passed that mark.”:wink: … If you are open to revealing more specifically how much you make, then all the better.

The interviews will be done by email, so you can do them at your convenience. Basically it will be an initial set of questions, and then maybe a few follow-up questions depending on your answers.

If you’re interested, please contact me at joe@incsub.com.


Joe Foley

p.s. If you know of anyone who might be good for an interview such as this, please let them know or either email me with their site address/contact info.