Looking for suggestions on how to add a custom post type as a front end BuddyPress component

Hello all,

I am looking for a way to use a custom post type with taxonomies that can be used as a front end BuddyPress component. I want any registered user to be able to enter a new post from the front end and for others to be able to comment or "like" the post. I also want to create an activity stream for all entries and one for each taxonomy term.

I am looking at the BuddyPress-custom-posts plugin and the BuddyPress Skeleton Component Plugin

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • DavidM

    Hello C3MDigital,

    I'm sorry for the response time. You've brought up a relatively sophisticated concern to say the least, and while I can't comment on it just yet, I'm working on setting up a similar Buddypress configuration just to test some ideas out.

    It's always nice to be able to keep users on the front-end, having no real need for back-end editing and Buddypress really shines in that capacity. To add support for custom post types in that same Buddypress front-end in something brilliant I just hadn't thought of.

    That said, I'm currently setting up Custompress on a Buddypress test site and I'll get the Buddypress custom posts plugin setup from there. I should have some thoughts on this all in just a tidbit.

    It's pretty exciting, really. I've worked with Drupal a bit and it's so simple to integrate back-end functionality into the front-end. It's nice seeing this type of functionality in Wordpress.


  • C3MDigital

    Hey guys,

    I really appreciate the willingness to to help with this idea.

    It is probably possible to do what I need using existing BuddyPress components and I have made some good progress modifying the default status update. I might only need to add a query-able custom taxonomy to the status updates.

    The site I'm working on is a prayer request site were the members can post prayer requests. The custom post type would be a prayer and the taxonomy would be "request topic" which would include the specific terms: Faith, Health, Relationships etc. I also need the ability for members to add replies (comments).

    The main activity loop is only going to display the prayer requests and replies. The member profile page can show all the other activity streams.

    I need the meta to display the time ago along with the taxonomy term.

    I also want to display a taxonomy menu that would filter all the requests by topic. I know this could be done with forum tags but I would like them to be hierarchal and I don't really want to use the forum component.

    Additionally I want the users to be able to click a button to indicate they are praying for the request. The meta next to the button will display how many people have clicked to indicate they are praying for the request.

    I would also like to be able to filter the requests by most prayers and most recent. I'm probably going to end up using the favorite button as the pray button.

    The last functionality I need is for the members to be able to indicate that their prayer was answered and to be able to filter the activity stream by answered prayers and have an additional meta saying "answered".

    I will also be using groups that can either be public or private.

    I've though about customizing the P2 theme since it has the feature of being able to create and reply to posts from the front end.

    Thanks again for any suggestions.

  • Ivan

    Hello C3MDigital,

    Reading through your last couple of post I think using Classifieds as a base for what you are trying to do and customizing it will yield the best results. All BuddyPress specific functionality is inside "classifieds/core/buddypress.php" and "ui-front/buddypress" + some bits from "ui-front/genral".

    You can enable comments for the specific post type you are using from the "Content Types" module. Everything else is a matter of styling, outputting it to front. Study the "buddypress.php" file and I think you can find inspiration for your project there. You can add BuddyPress components customize their output, add sub-menus, and more. Take a look at the "plugins.php" file supplied for most of the BuddyPress components. You are customizing the front-end by hooking output functions into this template.

    What you are trying to achieve is not very simple so be prepared for some learning ahead. You can filter everything on the front-end using the query_posts() function. Look it up in Codex.

    Good luck.

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