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Hi there!

My client's got a basic html site at http://www.jesikafleming.com . Every now and then I help out with updates to this pre-existing site, but her current quandry I think finally has her convinced a site update/overhaul is in order.

Here's the dilemma: she's a personal trainer. ALL of her classes are by appointment. She has package deals where you can buy x amount of sessions per month. But the client doesn't have to use all of those sessions within the month, if they spill over into the next month that's ok too.

She's spending an ungodly amount of time with scheduling clients and organizing/keeping on top of payments, and we really need to streamline that process. We tried setting up an account with Acutiy.com which helps some of it, but really isn't the totally integrated solution she's hoping for.

What I'm hoping for is a one two punch of the membership plugin and the appointments+ plugin solving the problem.

My questions for the peanut gallery:

1) Is there a way to coordinate these two plugins so that clients pay for their x amount of sessions and then they schedule those sessions? But they can't schedule more sessions without paying for another block of sessions?

2) Is there a way to remind a client that they're running out of sessions?

3) Does this all make sense? Her setup is unique in that it's not a set flat rate each month, and that clients can schedule their sessions whenever instead of a set day and time...

Thanks in advance for your input, I'm really hoping I can help her out with this.

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    Hello there,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    This is kind of a custom development project as there is not integration between A+ and Membership where you can charge for x amount of slots in advance and then let the users Book the appointments.

    MarketPress does allow you to integrate with A+ plugin where the users can add appointments in their cart (different slots in different days and weeks) and then checkout at once.

    But this will still require a little bit of manual work where a client wants to cancel an appointment and create a new one. In that case, they will need to contact the site admin who can then cancel an appointment from the backend and create a new one.

    Would that help ?

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