Looking For TinyMce plugin

Anyone know of a plugin that adds a button to the wysiwyg editor to easily load graphics in your pages…

I have a graphics pack and want to click a button that the plugin would add on the wysiwyg editor ..

Once clicked a pop up window would appear displaying all the graphics that you included so you could insert in to your post or page..

I want to insert my own graphics in this folder so people in my multi network with sites can select from this tiny mce plugin instead of loading all these in the wordpress library..

Any help appreciated… I know some themes already do this with there shortcodes…. Just looking for a way to have a basic plugin that you could just drop your own folder of grahics and and whala!

I am also looking for a way to have a default picture library for all new site created…. I would basically upload the pics and everytime a new site was create, they would have these pictures already in there library.. Is there a way to do that with blog defaults or something similar?