Looking for variables for templates and/or shortcodes for post body

Are there any shortcodes available for the goal amount, total pledged so far, number of backers, etc?
I'm not sure if I'm mixing plugins but I thought there was a post around here with that info and also the vars for the templates but I can't find it.


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    Hi Kimberly!
    Thanks but I can only add a Pledge Button or a Fundraiser Form and I need the individual elements.

    I want to add some text to the body that will display self-updating stats like:
    "this project has received [total_pedges] Euros from its [goal_amount] goal, given by [total_backers] backers".


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    You can customize the shortcodes that are used by checking out the variables you can add/remove via the Fundraising>Getting Started panel that lists the actual shortcodes :slight_smile:

    That's the only available shortcode functionality at this time



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