Looking for Wordpress site development partners

Not sure if this is an appropriate place, but I'm looking for some great WP developers to help with client sites.

I just launched a very large, complex, custom-developed wordpress site for a client last night, and the development company was about to walk out the door at 5pm.

The site was broken because they did something hinky when they deployed it (for example, around 25% of the links were pointing back to the development site, almost all the links to PDF files were broken.)

The customer was launching at their annual customer user conference -- and so I ended up paying DOUBLE time so they could fix the problems they created. This came out of my own pocket, as well as the time it took me to make sure the site was launchable because I take accountability for my projects.

I've launched dozens of sites, and problems happen, but I've never seen someone willing to blow an important launch like that.

I know stuff happens . . . it was the attitude about the stuff. There were other huge problems.

Anyway -- I'm holding onto this client with a thread because fortunately I have a long history with them. But I need to get to them with a Plan B after the dust settles from their large meeting, and I have a number of potential projects coming up.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated. If you want to find out more about my company -- http://www.quidditymarketing.com