Looking for WPMU partner/owners for a project in Boston . . .


I'm developing a wordpress multisite community in Boston. The site is under development at http://www.bostoncommons.net. I've obtained over 40 urls (mostly .mobi) in most of the Boston area communities including Cambridge, MIT, Harvard. There are very exciting areas in Boston that are being developed now (Innovation District, Fortpoint Channel, the Seaport and all the others) The project needs technical people, sales people or technical/sales people who want an ownership stake in exchange for their contributions to the project.

A project of this size can't be created by one person (obviously)! I'm looking for people in the Boston area (or with roots here) who are interested in building a large WPMU site which is viewable from the internet and on mobile phones. I'd like the site to be ad supported and offer premium services.

We can discuss what form of ownership we'd have for the entire project. Everything is open to discussion.

Please let me know if you're interested or have questions!