Looking to connect with others using BuddyPress/online newspaper sites

We are in the middle of creating an online newspaper with a local company that prints a weekly "penny saver" and I now wonder if we should be implementing BuddyPress with it?

Reason: We've setup the base WP site, blog, comments, pages but have added a number of premium modules for:

Event Calendar with public ability to post an event and WP editors to approve events
Classifieds: Purchase classified online with PayPal account
Business Directory: Building a local "phone book" of advertisers,restaurants etc..
Weekly contest/giveaway for local restaurant meals

Each of these require different forms or logins/passwords and not integrated into a single login with levels of membership and access to their profile....

So I see many of these options available for BuddyPress and wonder if there are others in this community who have setup or managed sites like this with these features?

We are a few weeks away from launch so if we want to change course, now would be the time to do it!

  • Mason

    Hiya bobrandklev,

    Good questions here. I haven't personally done a site exactly like what you're describing, but my thought when debating about BuddyPress is always "is it necessary"? Do I want users interacting with each other on my site? Will it be meaningful to have visitors be able to friend request, private message, and view each others' activity?

    Is it better for this activity to be on your site or does it make more sense to simply integrate with Facebook?

    To me, from a practical standpoint running and maintaining a BuddyPress site is much more challenging than a regular WordPress site. You have to be active constantly and encouraging your members to interact.

    All that being said, if it does make more sense to have users participating on your site - BuddyPress is a great way to make it happen! It definitely provides an incredible amount of options for interactions and the member profiles alone make it really powerful.

    My 2 cents :slight_smile:

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