Looking to create a website like etsy, where people can create a profile, and sell on their page.

Does anyone have any suggestions on plugins that will allow people to come to my site and:

1) Register and create profile
2) Have profile page (website.com/profile)
3) Sell items

The site I envision is a website where visitors come to discover similar clothing brands.

I have tried two options and here are why they failed.

BuddyPress: Works perfectly in allowing people to set up profiles and interact! The problem: The profiles are not styled how I would like, and I can't attach "related brands" to these pages. Is this a simple css tweak? (I have no coding experience).

Mulitsite: This does an awesome job of allowing me complete styling with the profiles, however, I want everything to be able to be edited on the front end, without getting into my dashboard.

Any suggestions are deeply appreciated. I have been working on this project for months and finally downloaded WPMUDEV just for support.


Zachary Dash