Looking to Integrate FB Page content not my profile content?

I am not looking to have anything that my personal profile page has on it within this website. I am only looking to have the content of my FB page within the website. How do I go about differentiating between the two?

Thank you

  • Vaughan

    Hi John,

    Hope you're well?

    #1 In the FB API setting tab, make sure that 'Prevent access to my linked accounts' is not checked.

    Dashboard > facebook > settings > API

    #2 Now in the permissions tab, make sure you have granted extended permissions, you need to be logged into FB with your personal account, and the account must be an admin on the page you wish to use.

    Dashboard > facebook > settings > permissions

    #3 In Autopost settings, if everything is correct, you should now be able to select the account where autoposts are posted in the dropdowns.

    Dashboard > facebook > settings > autopost.

    #4 Now with the widgets, the ones that ask for a URL are self-explanatory.

    However, some widgets such as the FV events widget ask for an id instead.

    If you enter your user id, it will display events from your personal profile.

    I am not exactly sure if this can actually fetch events from actual pages. But you can try entering the page id in there instead.

    To get your page id, the quickest way, which I use is to visit your page on facebook.

    then when on the page, press ctrl+u

    Now, press ctrl+f on the page with all the source on, and search for page_id

    You should then see your page_id highlighted, the number after the page id is your ID, but as I say, it might not work for pages. You then enter that number in to the ID field of the widgets.

    Hope this helps

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