Looking to remove featured image on homepage of bussiness-feature theme

I am looking to remove the featured image on the home page of the business-feature theme. Also is there a way to just have the normal loop run on the homepage instead of the selected category?

Thank you,

  • DavidM
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    Hello erikol,

    If you're referring to the header image, you can remove that head block entirely by navigating to Appearance > Theme Options > Header and for Show header feature block, select "No". You could also specify an image in the same section.

    If you're specifically referring to a featured image attached to a post that would be determined by the featured image option in the individual post itself.

    So far as having the normal loop on the homepage, you could technically achieve that by navigating to Appearance > Theme Options > Front Page, setting the category to whatever category you'd like then setting the number of posts you'd like to see.

    Please let me know if that helps!


  • FEECO Marketing Team
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    Thanks for the advice.. actually what I am referring to is the featured image on each post in the loop on the front page. I currently have no featured image selected yet there is the blank outline before each post as the holder for a featured image. This can be seen on the site: http://social4.us

    I would like to remove the area taken up by the featured image holder so the post files the entire space.


  • Tammie
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    You have linked to blogs mu but mentioned business feature. If it is indeed business feature:

    In library/content-rows.php remove:

    <div class="plug-screens">
    	<div class="plug-wrap"><a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>">
    		<?php if(function_exists('the_post_thumbnail')) { ?><?php if(get_the_post_thumbnail() != "") { ?><div class="alignleft">
    		<?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?></div><?php } } ?>

    Making sure yo adjust the plug-info class to accomodate your change.

    Otherwise please state if it is blogs mu and make sure you flag the right theme otherwise we get confusion.

  • johnpent
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    Just to follow-up on my own questions - ideally in a wonderful world I would like to see it leave out the left space when there is no such featured image and put it in when there is a featured image.

    I know that is a whole lot more coding. I know these tweaks always seem easy, and never really are.

  • DavidM
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    @Phil While it's quite a chaotic screenshot as he mentioned, it is indeed Business Feature! Though confusion is inevitable with a screenshot like that! :smiley:

    @erikol To have the width of the post fill the line you could potentially replace the .plug-info style in the file business-feature/_inc/css/layout.css with the following (basically just removing the width).

    .plug-info {
    float: right;
    min-height: 130px;

    However, I'll have to rely on Tammie for the optimal method of achieving that CSS edit.

    @johnpent The edit that Tammie gave the PHP for is located in business-feature/library/components/content-rows.php in the current version of the theme and it should work perfectly.

    You've got a slightly different edit that may require quite a bit more work. Besides that, the chaotic screenshot points to some other difficulty needing work. If you'd like to start a separate thread, we can take a look into it from there.

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    First up that's quite a custom edit and there are limits to what we can support without suggesting you seek a developer popping in for a short while. All that said you will probably have a clear missing or something similar. I would strongly suggest you step back do one thing by one and take from there.

  • johnpent
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    Tammie, you are right about that. That is what I will do. Seems so simple, but I know it is several things at once.

    FYI, my error above. Your code correction was correct. I was looking back at this today and realized I had not taken out part of it.

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