Looking to see if you have a CRM plugin

I am helping to manage a small business, which I am currently using Filemaker's Bento program as my database. It does the job pretty well but has the limitations of needing synced as their are currently 2-3 employees. I would like to integrate a cloud based CRM tool, possibly something that integrates with Appointments+. The goal is to have something that I can access from anywhere and have myself and the other two employees enter and retrieve client details. Also was hoping something that I can easily edit the fields.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Ryan,

    Hope you're doing well today! Thanks for your question. Welcome to the WPMU DEV community.

    We don't have a CRM plugin however you could extend the features of WordPress core user management with a plugin like this one here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-crm/

    As far as being able to easily access it from anywhere. Recent WordPress core updates have made the backend much more mobile friendly! Depending what sort of changes you needed to make, it might be easiest to just login into WordPress. You could create accounts for your employees that are able to access user management but not much else :slight_smile:

    What do you think? Could this do the trick?

    Look forward to your reply!


  • Ryan


    Thank you for a quick reply, I'm doing well, as I hope your doing the same. I had seen WP CRM come up in searches and as you can imagine so many options were popping up in my searches that I was simply overwhelmed. I am not a coder or developer but knew there there must be something that would fit my needs. I guess just getting some advice in the right direction is what I needed. I will download it and play with it to see how far I can stretch it and see if it fits the bill. I'm attaching a screenshot of my main contact form that I use just in case you and anyone has any other advice.

    The idea is to have something as close to a database that is easy to input the info into, easily viewable and searchable. Also I must be able to add a few images as well. I would prefer a nice GUI vice having the other employees trying to navigate the WP cpanel, even if I had to build a page for this. And yes, having the other employees log in to have access would be good for tracking as well as access privileges.

    Any further recommendations or ideas are openly welcomed.

    Thank you again!

  • Ryan

    So I have taken a look through and messed around a bit with WP CRM and have sadly come to the conclusion that this may not be the plugin for me. It is good for getting some of the basic details in but seems a bit limited for what I'm looking for. Secondly I would really need to be able to import my current database from Bento (which currently exports via .csv file) into this new database in wordpress. I guess I'm thinking that I need to somehow create a database table in wordpress and create a page for the data entry and perhaps another page for searches or viewing of this data. Being able to upload images into this database table is also a requirement. I also must obviously limit access to these pages by users.

    Again if you or anyone can't point me the right direction it is most appreciated. I've been searching on and off for days now :slight_frown:

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Ryan,

    Sorry to hear that one may not work for your needs. As far as importing users goes via csv you can use a plugin like this one here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/import-users-from-csv/

    It hasn't been updated too recently; however, it appears to still work fine :slight_smile:

    On second though, just found this one that has the csv import/export(oops - only available on pro version) functionality plus the ability to customize the user fields. It also adds front end profile editing. Perhaps having your employers view profiles from the front end may be easier. Keep in mind I have never actually used this plugin but it looks pretty solid!

    Another idea I was thinking of was to even use BuddyPress. It was designed to be a social network; however, if you turn off a lot of the network features it could work as a nice front end user management plugin. I believe this will also allow for appointments to show up on their front end profiles.

    There will be a searchable members directory at /members by default. Just keep in mind that the profiles will be a bit more social media like instead of a simple form.

    Lastly, here is a list of some other user management plugins that could help: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/user-management

    That should give you a good starting point :slight_smile: If any questions come up along the way just the let us know!


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