Looks like it works, but doesn't

I need help. I successfully installed wpmu on two different sites for my brother. Then I install it on a 3rd site for me, and it just doesn't work. The admin blog is up, but when I try to create a "test" blog, it looks likes it working, I receive the link to activate the blog, but the link to activate the blog doesn't work. Does this have to do with blog.domain.com vs. domain.com/blog ??? I've installed wpmu about 5 times now and it just doesn't work like it did on the prior 2 sites.

  • drmike
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    It would be helpful to have a link so we can see what's not working. What specifically does occur when you try to visit those URL? Doesn't work doesn't give us much to go on I'm afraid.

    One thing to check is make sure that you've done all of the steps found in the readme file included with the download. Sounds like you may be missing the DNS and apache wildcards.

  • zipnguyen
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    the domain is ndcom.com, if I install it as ndcom.com/blogs then it works. But I want it to work as blogs.ndcom.com, currently it's ndcom.com/blogs

    If it was installed the other way (blogs.ndcom.com) and someone creates a blog, the activation email is sent to the user, and when said user goes to "activate" the blog it just sends them to a 404 not found. I would then go to the member page and the blog title is there to click, but when I click on it, it throws the same 404 not found.

  • zipnguyen
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    So why would my wpmu+bp work if it's ndcom.com/blogs as opposed to blogs.ndcom.com, because during the install process it asks whether I want it as ndcom.com/blogs or blogs.ndcom.com

    it's that simple, right? And all other configurations to the DNS and Appache wildcards should be the same right?

  • andrea_r
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    If blogs.ndcom.com isn't working it's becasue the wildcard stuff is not set up in the DNS or Apache or both. End of story. :slight_smile:

    Those edits are NOT needed for ndcom.com/blogs/.

    Check the readme for how to do the wildcard setup.

  • zipnguyen
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    My hosting company states that Apache and DNS are setup. Apache Mod is rewritable and these are system-wide files, so I'm not able to change them. The tech did at Aplus.net was able to install wordpress single-user and get it to state blog.ndcom.com, while I was on chat with him. But that's not the wpmu. He advised me to change my .htaccess file.

    Is he pointing me in the write direction?

  • andrea_r
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    No, he's not.

    They have to edit Apache to allow wildcard subdomains. He was talking about mod_rewrite. Also, the htaccess file is created upon installation (in the root folder).

    WPMU installation is a completely different beast.

    Yes, basic Apache and DNS are obviously set up because you need them to show a website. But you need to tell them you need *wildcard subdomains* set up in both of those. If they have no idea what that means, get a new host. Because they should know what it means. Copy and paste the info from the readme file in the download if you have to.

  • zipnguyen
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    So I finally got to a level II tech support person (whatever that means) at Aplus.net and they confirmed that all DNS and Apache settings already have wildcard subdomains enabled. This way, they don't have to change them for users who wish to enable them.

    When I had explained my situation the first tech stated that I need to merely point the "folder" to the subdomain, but I had to explain to the tech support I that the folders weren't created in wpmu+bp, it's virtual and then they transferred to someone that knew a little something aout wpmu (this is the Level II tech support guy) and stated how users in the wpmu when they create a blog for themselves, there's no subfolder it's 'virtual' and hence their hosting plans have this 'wildcard subdomain' enabled already in Apache.

    So where does that leave me as I'm more confused than ever?

  • Andrew
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    Something isn't setup correctly:

    The first should bring you to the same page as the second.

    Ask for a level III tech (if available) or a sysadmin. Clearly they need to work on training at your host.


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