Looks like Posts are being placed in Footer Container

Hi Folks,

It’s been a while, which I reckon is a very good thing. :slight_smile:

I’ve just updated my lovely BP Scholar Template to to Version 4.2.8. (Please Note: I have had the Child Theme in place for over 2 years and therein may lie a/the problem?)

Everything seems fine except for my blog posts. It seems that they are being placed in the Footer Container – You can have a look – here.

This same issue was occurring with some pages, but I just changed them from the ‘Default’ Template to ‘Full Width’. But I can’t (i.e. don’t know/remember how to) do that with Posts.

I’ve played around with things in the Child Theme (e.g. the folder structure has changed for Sidebars), but when I moved things around, stuff broke. So I put it back.

Bottom line is that I would just like my Posts to look like they should…instead of looking like part of the footer. :slight_smile:

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Stephen G