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Hi Guys,

I always get this same error when try to login or add accountID and password for enom account. yes i use correct username and password, those works on enom.com when login but not in the plugin, and yes eNom have open for my ip address to the server.

What am i missing here?
do i need to enable something in enom account so this works or?

    Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Smari

    I hope you are well today and thanks for your question.

    I have just checked this on one of my test installs and can't replicate this issue.

    I'm going to flag the lead developer on this to see if he can provide some clarification on what might be happening here

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards


    Hi there @Jack

    I get this error every time.

    I use the same username and password to login to eNom as in plugin settings but still get this error.

    Do i need to enable some api access on eNom backend so this will work or?

    is there any other settings beside the enable the IP address that needs to be done also?

    Best regards

    Eugene Manuilov

    Hi @Smari,

    Please update to 4.0.1 version. Then enable reseller requests log to log all requests and re-save your credentials. After the error appears again go to reseller log tab and let me know what you see there.



    This is the error log, but i can sure that the username and the password is 100% correct.

    {"AuctionDate":{},"AuctionID":{},"Command":"CHECK","Language":"eng","ErrCount":"2","errors":{"Err1":"Bad User name or Password","Err2":"Failed to get site processor. Please try again."},"ResponseCount":"2","responses":{"response":[{"ResponseNumber":"304155","ResponseString":"Validation error; invalid ; loginid"},{"ResponseNumber":"408297","ResponseString":"Authentication error; failed to retrieve; site processor"}]},"MinPeriod":"1","MaxPeriod":"10","Server":"SJL0VWRESELL_T","Site":{},"IsLockable":"True","IsRealTimeTLD":"True","TimeDifference":"+08.00","ExecTime":"0.266","Done":"true","RequestDateTime":"10\/10\/2013 8:52:35 AM","debug":{}}

    Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Free For Charity,

    Hope you're well today, we normally ask for new threads to be created and in this case, the lead developer has changed, the original poster is no longer activate and would keep receiving post updates they may not want and we've released additional updates since

    We can place a link on this thread to the new thread.


    Kind Regards