Losing Data when upgrading Custom Sidebars Plug-in

I am using the Custom Sidebars version on a website. I started using this before signing up for a year membership with your company. So far it has been working great!
However, I noticed that when I upgrade my WordPress version to 4.2 (so far just in my development region) - some of the sidebar details disappear.
My questions:
1. I see in the membership area that the latest version compatible w/ 4.2 is But I noticed that on the WordPress.org plug-in page and in my dashboard, that the latest version still is not available. Will it be available soon so that I would be able to upgrade the plug-in directly from my WP dashboard? Or is there a way to upgrade it now, without losing any data?
2. Also, do you know if the latest version ( will not lose the current data in my sidebars? I attached screenshots of the Live Version Toolbars and Dev Region Toolbars.
Thank you!
- Sarah

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Sarah,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The newest Custom Sidebars Pro release is already available and you should be able to upgrade directly via your WP plugins manager ("Plugins -> Installed plugins") or WP update manager (icon on your admin bar).

    If there's no update available for you, please check the "WPMU DEV" -> "Updates" page and see if there's an "Action" of automatic update available. You may also simply download the plugin's .zip file from here:


    and update via FTP.

    If it comes to disappearing widgets I think it shouldn't be this way. What I'd do in this case, I'd disable the caching plugin (if there's any) and empty all caches, make a backup copy of the site, then update the plugin and update WP itself.

    Let me know please if it helped, however please make sure to create a full backup copy of your entire site first as I can't guarantee the result: I haven't lost any custom settings with recent updates (of plugins and WP core) on my test setups but of course your install is different than mine so it's possible that something's interfering with the update process.


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