Losing shipping info on manual payments


Website: http://alexbeaton.com

WP Version: 3.5.1

Theme: Nexus

Marketpress; 2.9.1

We have two payment methods enabled; Manual and PayPal Express. On a few occasions in the last week we are receiving an order status email with all the shipping info blank including user email address.

Manage Orders in admin also shows no user identification or shipping info.

I tried duplicating the problem doing a purchase and checkout using as many possible navigation options available around the site. I then started an order and stopped on the “Checkout” page where the payment method is selected. This was inadvertent as I just stopped to look at the code in marketpress.php. After several minutes I returned to the “Checkout” page and clicked on “Confirm Payment” and discovered the Shipping Info was all blanks.

Conclusion: If a user stops for some period of time (????) on the “Checkout” page and then continues they can complete the process normally but no Shipping Info is stored with the order including the shipping cost. Appears something is happening to the $_SESSION cookie that it is not getting picked up in the Confirm Payment step in this unusual circumstance. Could it possibly have something to do with cache? We have not experienced this problem with PayPal Express checkout.

I also duplicated this problem then returned to the shipping step using the edit link and the form was also blank.

You can see a screenshot at http://www.alexbeaton.com/order-confirmation-error.jpg

This is very unusual and appreciate any guidance you can provide.

Merv (lzw8bk)