Lost access to my whole MS after WP 3.1 upgrade- Ouch. HELP

Hi Troops,

Please help a victim of the Gremlins out. I do not know what is going on, but the Universe is playing with me. I lost my beloved Mac yesterday for an expected week, came home to backup files on a notebook Mac, to find that my whole WP installation is impossible to get into. I am no guru, but I did everything I could think of; request for new password via emails- never received, attempt to sign into side sites, only to be redirected back to main site (good for me security), I even broke into the database and browsed for the friggin password; copied it and pasted it into the field, only to be replied to by a rejected response. Even when I change the password from within the database, to an easy one, the password is rejected.

What on earth is going on: Here is what I did do:

1. I upgraded to 3.1 automatically
2. then started to upgrade plugins for WPMU, some auto, some manually, but all per directions. Frankly, I lost tract of what it did, since Apple has my desktop. However, I think it is limited to: "Additional Tags; Rebranded-meta-widgets; wpmudeve-updates;CustomPress; aksimet;

Any help would be greatly appreciated.