Lost Access When I Changed My Admin Username via Defender

I've run into a little issue...

I lost my network super-admin rights when I changed my default admin username using defender.

It still allows me to login to sites with my old admin username/password (which was never 'admin', by the way), but the new username won't let me log in with my old password.

How do I set the password for the new super-admin?

I'm totally locked out. :slight_frown:

EDIT: I found it in the database and set the password via myphpAdmin.


  • Mark

    I thought I checked off the Mark as Resolved button last night, but maybe that only works if I post the comment.

    I actually do still need some help. I think the issue was that I had a user named 'admin' for some sites on my network (who was probably automatically set as a subscriber to my main site) and then the Defender plugin renamed it to *newadminuser* and gave it Super-Admin rights.

    Meanwhile, my *oldsuperadmin* username simply dropped to the site admin role on the websites I had installed with myself as the site admin. Then that account was totally locked out of any site that I had assigned a different admin to.

    I was able to edit the tables to regain super-admin access through the *newadminuser* account, but now I would like to put it back the way it was. I'd like to re-assign my *oldsuperadmin* to Super-Admin rights and might even consider deleting the *newadminuser* account all together just because everything is a little screwy now.

    So what is the best way for me to re-assign super-admin rights to my old user account?

    (I'm not really familiar with php or SQL, by the way. I can edit tables in myphpAdmin with specific instructions, but that's about the extent of it.)

    Thank you!

  • Dimitris

    Hey there Mark,

    hope you're doing really well today and don't mind skipping in! :slight_smile:

    There's actually a plugin called Username Changer which provides you this obvious ability.

    I just tried it in my multisite test site and I was able to network activate it and change my username.
    Feel free to use it (take a DB backup first), I look forward for your results on this!

    Kind regards,

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