Lost & Confused


I’m very new to this.

To date I have managed to have Multisite installed and the Network menu shows up.

The initial installation for the root has the Twenty-Eleven theme installed.

From the 133 Theme Pack I uploaded and activated the Nature theme from the Network Admin area, but the default theme still shows up.

If I switch to the Site Admin view, Appearance tab, there are no themes there, nor widgets, not menus.

The whole area is blank. It seems like I can only make changes from the Network area, but still don’t see any change on the front end.

I need to have ProSite, MarketPress, BuddyPress, Directory and Classified plugins up and running, but for now it seems I can’t even get a grip on setting up themes.

Please be patient with me…I am very new at this.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Themes are only available to your sub-sites when you’ve activated them in Network Admin.

    So, go to Network Admin > Themes and you should be able to “network enable” any themes that are there.

    Once you’ve done so, return to Site Admin > Appearance > Themes and you’ll see those themes that you’ve enabled ready for activation.



  • movibes
    • Flash Drive

    Great…Thanks Phil

    In regards to Themes.

    I’m assuming most themes will work with MarketPress and Site Pro.

    That said, as a Designer by trade I would like to have the most elegant themes installed for my Network.

    Are there any issues that have come up in the past? Maybe some problematic theme that messes things up? Just looking for what to avoid, if anything.

    There are a few e-commerce themes I like, but they mention JigoShop plugin, would they work for MarketPress?



  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Most *should* yes, as our plugins use standard WordPress hooks to do the job. However, we cannot guarantee any theme because they’re all coded differently – some not so well.

    JigoShop is actually it’s own e-commerce system so wouldn’t work with MarketPress, no. We wouldn’t specifically not recommend any themes but other members might be able to provide you with their experiences with specific themes they’ve used.


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