Lost Media files

I screwed something up. I’m not sure what.

I came in today to start working on the site, and the images were gone. I looked in the ftp and they’re still there. So I tried uploading a new one. It uploaded, but the url it gave me for the file was a 404 not found error page.

My images are indeed in the /blogs.dir/ via ftp

Except the new one I tried uploading. I have no idea where that is.

Anyway. Looks like I screwed up something that tells the browser where the files are.

  • skishopmatt
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi Guys – I’m having this same issue right now. We had a malware attack on the site yesterday and somehow in cleaning we seemed to have lost the ability to view uploaded images to any site and also have lost the ability to upload new images. When a new image is uploaded, it completes and then links to a 404 file. All files are still in the FTP, so it’s a mapping issue of some kind

    Here are a few details.

    WordPress Multisite 3.2.1

    We use domain mapping and multiple domains.

    I have checked the blogs.dir permissions (internal folders as well) and all are set to either 0777 or 0755

    .htaccess file does not look changed from pre-malware attack version. wp-config is also unchanged. Have verified that sunrise is in place.

    I’ve been trying to solve for the last 6 hours and finally am in need of some help from someone else.

    This is a huge multisite install (700+ actively used blogs daily) so any advice in getting this resolved will be greatly appreciated. Our help desk is getting bombarded with emails at this point :slight_smile:

    Thanks so much in advance, please let me know what I can do to assist in providing info.


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