lost posts, slider, etc on homepage.

This issues is actually across several themes now which makes me think something very wrong as happened to my WP install.

I am using the most current WP version.

I intially was trying to use the corporate theme and looking around for an option on how to get the images to auto size to fit the slider. Couldn't find that and went back to the Daily theme to see what options I could use on that and noticed by content on the home page was gone. Checked the settings and so forth but got nothing.

I flipped over to NELO which I was using earlier and it was working fine but got the same thing. Unless I select custom home page I get nothing on my home page.
the site is a test site located - wp.allwedo.com

Checked all the settings multiple times and tried enabling and disabling many things. Same thing each time. Deactivated all plugins and still nothing. I was using a child theme on all and tried the main theme and get the same results.

I am sure someone will not be happy about this post having multiple things in it but I am not expert on this and need some help. Just became a member here yesterday and hoping that pays off.

I appreciate your support.


    Ok I don't know how this happened but the settings where changed to use a static page which didn't have any content at all on it. I discovered this first by looking at my pages and seeing page noted as Home. I deleted that think maybe it was blocking things some how and got the permission denied error.
    That made me think of the settings under Reading and sure enough there it was. Sorry for the post.

  • aecnu

    Greetings jkarl,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    I just visited your web site http://wp.allwedo.com/ and though the slider seems to have none scaled images running in it I could not see anything wrong with it.

    I just visited again to get the name of the theme and see it has changed again .... lol

    Now it is a front news page, looks great (screen shot below) - I guess you must be working with it now as I check it out.

    Please advise what is going on there and is you have had any success at finding what the issue may be?

    Cheers, Joe


    yes sorry. I am working on it. Changed the theme multiple times while trying to get the right combination of features and style. I put the Daily theme back up and going to try and see what I can do with that. When I use the slider on it the images are left aligned and do not fill the space. Also I don't like the double menu. If I can remove one of those and get the slider going I will probably stick with this one. If I should post this part in the daily theme forum let me know.

    Thanks for your help.

    EDIT - ok so now I have three nav menus since adding buddypress, getting to be a bit much,

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