Lost roles on blogs

I'm not sure where to ask about this, but there was a similar comment on a completely unrelated thread, so I figure it's worth a shot here.

On both of my WPMU+BP sites we're experiencing problems where a user will do "something" (can't get a clear idea of what it is), possibly related to the appearance settings, and then their role on their blog is removed, so they can't even access the blog dashboard anymore. When this happens it appears that all the roles are completely removed for the blog so you can't "add user" to the blog and assign a role, either.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? If it weren't happening on two different sites I'd have assumed it were something specific to the one instance, but it is, and the users are, well, let's just say "unhelpful" in tracking the problem down.

  • georgef

    I'm still having the same problem.

    My users get bumped to subscribers on their blogs though for some reason. I have been manually searching for the blogs and adding them back as admins.

    Normally they go back, but I now see that the user is not linked to the blog anymore.


    This user http://thatmlmbeat.com/members/eeidde/ is admin of this blog
    http://edwardelliott.thatmlmbeat.com/ his username is visible under blog authors, but not under his profile.

  • strobech

    Just chiming in: I had a newly hired freelance WordPress course instructor complaining two days ago, that all her admin privileges for her newly created blog at our site suddenly disappeared. Turns out she had been bumped from admin to subscriber on her own blog for no apparent reason.

    Sorry, that I cannot contribute further to shed any light on whats happening, but until I read this post, I suspected she had unwittingly relegated her own privileges, since I knew no one had tampered with anything regarding her setup.

    The site runs on 2.9.2 and BP

  • Sue

    When I have several users experiencing the same problem I'll always ask them what was the last thing they did before they noticed the problem. I'll also check each blog that is having problems to see if the blogs have anything in common espcially what plugins are activated etc That often helps me identify what might be triggering it so that I can test by loggigng as an administrator to see if I can reproduce it.

    In terms of user doing it to themselves I've only ever seen it happen once (and they were the only user on the blog).

    When I asked him what was the last thing he did before he noticed the problem the answer was "I went to Users > Add New added my username and email address, selected subscriber and then clicked Add User".

    @Shawn Can you confirm that when you go to Users > Add New on these blogs are you saying there is no user roles in your drop down list? Is that the same for blogs where you don't have this problem? Also is it happening on newly created blogs?

  • Shawn

    Sorry for the delay.

    After much research, trial and error, we've determined that this was a result of the BP Groupblog plugin misbehaving with Anti-splog. There have been several updates to BP Groupblog in the mean time, and the lost roles appears to have subsided, for the most part. Now, the only time it happens is when a group blog is 'spammed' by anti-splog when activity occurs on the group, effectively taking all the users with it. :slight_frown:

  • Mason

    Hiya Shawn,

    Glad you got it sorted. Plugin conflicts are the source of many headaches with WordPress unfortunately.

    Now, the only time it happens is when a group blog is 'spammed' by anti-splog when activity occurs on the group, effectively taking all the users with it.

    I think there's a setting in anti-spam to stop it from automatically spamming users when it catches a blog. Should be a checkbox on the setting page. Might that help here?

    Thanks again for posting!