Lost Super Admin Panel

Hi there - I lost the super admin panel on a WPMU set up. I can see the "network admin" dashboard, which I didn't notice before (it was probably there - I just didn't notice), so I can still edit sites / user network wide but there seemed to be a lot more on the super admin panel that's just disappeared on me.

What might have been the cause:
- I just installed WP 3.1 automatically through WP interface .
- I added Anti-Slog plugin which is likely to have nothing to do with it (now deleted the plugin from plugins directory just in case)

Things I did:
- Spent too long on Google typing the same search "lost super admin panel" and similar 50 times or more. Which made me read a lot of irrelevant stuff (although educational in a broader sense)
- Went to PHP admin and made sure that the admin name was the same as the login name - yes it was
- I tried to edit another user to be superadmin from the database, so I added the line:
Meta_key: admin_user_id | Meta_value: 2 (the 2nd user in the users table) | site_admins a:1:{i:0;s:8:"alkhemst";} (I logged in with that and actually didn't make that user a super admin - but that's a side issue)

Mucking around in the PHP DB is a first for me BTW. Suffice to say the above didn't seem to make any difference. Is there some place / settings which turns the super admin panel on / off? Could this be a result of the WP upgrade?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks