Lost the Ability to Invite Members to Groups

Not sure how or exactly when but sometime over the last day or two I seem to have lost the ability to invite members to join groups. I know at one point I was able to but this is no longer the case. I've been deactivating plug-ins one at a time to see if this would solve the problem but so far no luck.

When any group section I can click on the invite friends tab but it takes me to a page displaying the following.

Send Invites
Send Invites
Select people to invite.

The three above lines are just text there is no discernible link to the click and there certainly isn't any button to press.

However if I right-click the text above and select copy and then open up a document and hit paste all of the following shows up.
* Debbie Burton
* Karen
* karen-k
* leah.jones
* marinell
* micah
* Monica Osborne
* rachel-esther
* shimshonit
* Tamara
* Yair S
* Yankel G

Select people to invite.


I could be wrong but this looks to me to be a list of registered members. Wouldn't you agree?

Any thoughts on what might be causing this?