Lost the BP Blogs page, unable to disable users...

Oddity #1: For some reason I can no longer see any of the blogs on my site. The "Blogs" page appears as the link under the Activity menu, yet when clicked nothing appears. The crazy part is that if I go into Network Admin and view the BuddyPress settings I don't see any options, or pages, for Blogs. WTF! I know there is suppose to be a Blogs page! Did something change or am I missing something?

Oddity #2: Is, or has there ever been, an option to disable or hide users? I have admin user accounts that don't need to appear in the members list. The same thing goes for removing actions performed by those accounts. For instance Admin created the "" group. Can all of this be cleaned in one click or do I have to manually go in and delete each entry?

Any responses appreciated.