Lost users and I think the culprit is wp cache?

Lost users and I believe the culprit is wp cache. As anyone else experienced lost data from their database as a result of caching with wp cache? Based on everything I read, this seems to be the most likely cause. Any input is appreciated.

  • DavidM
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    Hi marcdubeau,

    I've not seen anything like that myself. I'm guessing you're referring to WP Super Cache, correct?

    If you've got a good backup system in place with your host you could possibly get that data back by restoring to a previous version. Have you looked into that?


  • marcdubeau
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    Getting the data back is simple, what I am more worried about is users disappearing again. I found a thread (and of course can't refind it!!!) that hinted that this could happen. I disabled it for the time being and will see if users disappear again. I am using 3.2.1 and I do not have multi-db installed. Are there any other known causes that may make users dispear?

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