Lost your password link not working with Divi theme

When Divi theme is active, on Membership Protected page "Lost Your Password" link from the log in form does nothing.

  • Jason
    • Flash Drive


    Thanks for the chat support last week. There was definitely a break down between Divi and Membership 2 Pro...but there was a third player that was really the problem.

    I did discover a solution:

    I have used Membership 2 Pro with Divi before with no issues at all, but the problem (I have come to discover) was Woocommerce.

    Woocommerce creates custom endpoints for users to access their accounts. Those custom endpoints are not whitelisted in Membership 2 Pro (obviously). Because these are overriding the Wordpress core functions (which M2P was created to work with), we were seeing the error.

    I don't know why Divi was giving the issue and using a standard theme like Twenty Seventeen didn't give that same issue...that's still a little concerning...but for another day.

    MY FIX:

    I went to Woocommerce > Settings > Accounts and edited the My Account endpoints:

    I just removed anything form the 'lost password' field (leaving it blank) and that reverted back to the Wordpress core functionality...and the issue has been resolved.

    Membership 2 Pro is working as expected and the site is using Divi. Hallelujah.

    Thanks again...

  • Jason
    • Flash Drive

    One more note and/or clarification to the question:

    When Divi theme is active, on Membership Protected page "Lost Your Password" link from the log in form does nothing.

    What was happening is that the dynamic page (created by Woocommerce) '.../lost-password' was being blocked by the Membership 2 Pro protection message, so the 'enter your username/password to reset your password' functionality never showed up. We could only see the protection message.

    So, it probably was working, we just couldn't see it.

    Solution above, but again, reverting back to the core Wordpress functionality for 'lost password' by removing the Woocommerce endpoint worked like a charm.

  • Ivan
    • Developer

    Hi Jason !

    I didn't find how it relates to WooCommerce plugin. I see there is an JS-error on this page
    Uncaught ReferenceError: et_pb_box_shadow_elements is not defined generated by Divi theme. And any JS-script doesn't work on this page. I tested it on 3.0.92 version of Divi theme. If it wasn't fixed in the latest version - please, contact support of Divi theme about this issue.


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