Lots of bugs with Easy Admin

I've been trying out the Easy Blogger Admin panel and encountered quite a few problems with it:

1) Themes: On the pagination buttons, it says 1 of 9, except you are actually seeing 15 different themes

2) Themes: Clicking on a next/prev buttons launches a new window which tries to laod the Easy Admin contents and then redirects out to "Whoops" not available in easy admin page.

3) Themes: When viewing an pop-over preview, the "activate theme" link doesn't work (although it appears to be clickable)

4) Lots of unnecessary spacing - I've noticed this on all Easy Admin pages, but it's especially bad as theme previews open at the top of the page, so if you click preview on a link at the bottom of the page, the page just appears to turn white, and you now can't see anything until you scroll to the top of the page. Very bad UI.

5) "Activate Easy Admin" doesn't turn into "deactivate easy admin" when it's activated.

6) The title help icon from the "Easy Blogging Tooltips" is taking up an entire line. Same with the "available themes" icon.

I seems like this plugin needs to be redone, maybe implement jQuerys history pushstate with just one landing div, instead of multiple landing divs... I'd love to know the technical reason for doing that.