lots of issues…..subscribe button does not appear

Hi, I have installed the pay per view plugin and I managed to get 1 page protected behind the subscription button. The API settings are not set up, however 1 person was able to purchase the content from that page.

If necessary, how do I cancel a pay per view subscription? Would the API settings need to be in place for that? For some reason, visitors are unable to register to my site. I checked my settings in my wp dashboard but I am unable to even click on the button which says “allows visitors to register for this site”. I have also not begun to set up the facebook or twitter API. Are both facebook and twitter API’s mandatory? I prefer if visitors register through my site.

I am now in the process of publishing a new page which needs to be protected by the pay per view plugin. I am stuck now because neither of the buttons (i.e. subscription button, the daily pass button and the one time view button) are showing up. I have enabled it in both my general pay per view settings and on page settings, but nothing is happening. What could be causing that?

I have played around with the settings but nothing works. I have also made some changes in my post page settings however I still cant get the buttons to show up.

Another problem i found is that on the 1 pay per view page which does actually work, only the subscription button works! When I try to set up the “one time view button”; clicking it goes to a page showing an image from my media files. This is weird!

I need lots of help. I am willing to work with the plugin. I am not trying to alter the capabilities of the plugin to fit my specific needs (anymore). Whatever the capabilities of the plugin are, then I will make them work with my site. However it seems even the basic features aren’t working for me.

Please help.