Lots of whitespace in registration iframe src plus one request

The iframe element in registration_page.php has the following src:

Removing the line breaks and spaces from the file (line 20-23) makes a much better source URL.

As for the request: Can the same file be loaded as a themable file with locate_template because the current file fails to load the correct get_header() file from our theme and looks like the attached image, if you load registration_page.php with a them able function which I wrote you can allow themers the possibility to solve these problems and also allow them to theme the registration page!

File: class_wdfb_public_pages.php
Line: 326, change the code to:

$page = (isset($_GET['fb_register']) && $registration_success)
? $this->get_template_page('registration_page_success.php')
: $this->get_template_page('registration_page.php');
require_once $page;

Same file, add this function anywhere inside the class:

function get_template_page($template) {
	$theme_file = locate_template(array($template));
	if ($theme_file) {
		// Look for the template file in the theme directory
		// Anyone who wants to theme the registration page can copy
		// the template file to their theme directory while keeping
		// the file name intact
		$file = $theme_file;
	} else {
		// If none was found in the current theme, use the default plugin template
		$file = WDFB_PLUGIN_BASE_DIR . '/lib/forms/' . $template;
	return $file;