Love To Have Mobile Themes For Multi-siteWordpress/Buddypress

More people are going to use iPad 2 and tablets and smart phones, and so I think it's best for us all to be able to allow visitors with mobile phones and similar gadgets to use our Multi-siteWordPress/Buddypress in mobile friendlier themes. It's best if developers here can actually provide codes that detect mobile devices and switch from regular themes to mobile themes whenever users are using mobile devices.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Thanks for your feedback!

    There are certainly a good bunch of plugins available for free that will help you provide a mobile-optimised version of your WordPress site without depending on themes providing extra support.

    I'll ask the theme developers to come along and offer any advice they can also.


  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    It's not quite as easy with regards to BuddyPress and actually the only plugin for that has just been dropped. Sniffing / pointing to themes doesn't really work in BuddyPress for mobile. However html5 and the @media queries do open things up sort of.

    I think there was potential discussion of things like a mobile plugin at wpmu dev but nothing is set in stone and we do not have code like that to give out unless maybe someone else has they can add in. It's not really a clear cut case though: you need to have the theme then a sniffer and maybe something to copy with mobile browser lacks.

  • argh2xxx
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    WP-Touch for some reasons did not always work. I read on WordPress forums and saw people complained about how WP-Touch only worked randomly. I tested it out too and found that it was not working all the time. For an example, WP-Touch would not really redirect my website to a mobile template. Perhaps, trying a web application that mimic a smartphone such as iPhone won't do the trick in testing out WP-Touch? Unfortunately, I don't really use a smart phone, but I use iPad 2, and WP-Touch definitely won't switch to mobile template for iPad 2, because iPad 2 is not supposed to view mobile website but a full website.

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