loving the theme, but when i look at the site on a tablet


loving the theme, but when i look at the site on a tablet or phone, it stays as the "typewriter" typeface, not ms trebuchet

i am working on this site here: pinktoytesting.com/mama

where can i edit this font out from the styles please?

  • Patrick
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    Hey there @spikewerx

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    That's by design. When editing in responsive mode, you need to specifically set the fonts for each mode. This is to enable you to tweak the styles, sizes, etc, for each responsive preset.

    To do that, enter responsive mode by clicking the Responsive Mode link in the Upfront sidebar.

    Then click the Tablet option at the top of the screen.

    Finally, back in the Upfront sidebar, select Paragraph in the Type Element dropdown, and select your desired font in the Typeface dropdown.

    You can do the same thing for every element in every responsive preset to really fine-tune the fonts on your site so stuff looks just perfect on all screen sizes.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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