low image quality in marketpress thumbnails

The image quality of the preview thumbs on the homepage (http://mwjourney.bluepulley.com/) are blurry. I did upload some new ones recently, but could use some help with either regenerating or changing the settings?

How can I can get higher quality thumbnails?

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Thank you!!!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Logan,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    As you already found the way to handle image size I would just add something to it :slight_smile:

    You may want to make sure that the WP default thumbnail size is equal to or slightly bigger than the size you selected in Store Settings for your store. If there's a significant difference (the thumbnail is much smaller) images are up-scaled using CSS and this usually mean a loss of quality.

    In case you changed WP thumbnail size to bigger it would be also good to regenerate thumbnails using this plugin:


    Best regards,

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello jetmac!

    I think you guys need to beef up your documentation for this plugin to reflect all of these subtle setup issues.

    Our writers are constantly working on improving docs for our plugins and themes. That's usually the "top-down approach" going from "basics" to covering "details". I hope then soon these will be much more detailed.

    Thanks for your valuable insight on this!

    Have a nice day,

  • jetmac

    Hey, Adam Czajczyk , wanted to follow up.

    I got it all to work and look nice, and now everyone is happy. For future reference, here is the issue in detail:

    In the current iteration of the MarketPress plugin, the product images are sized by grid presentation rules and not by image rules. For example, if the user specifies a grid presentation with three items/row then the item images will be automatically sized to fit three items/row - independent of the image size the user may select (small,medium, large, custom). This is also how the individual product page works -- the image size is automated by the plugin to fill about 50% of the content area.

    In other words, the image size driver is the presentation setting NOT the image size. The image size is for pairing the right image size default to the resolution required to match the size required for the presentation setting. This is a bit counter-intuitive, as most people are used to working in the opposite way.

    To put this into practice, I have a product listing with three columns and then individual product pages. I had the images sized at a custom setting (that worked in the previous iteration of MP) for 200px by 300px -- which is smaller than that required by a three column set-up. MP stretched the image to make it fit, reducing the pixel density and making it look fuzzy and washed out. The same thing was happening on the individual product pages -- I tried to specify an image size, but it was forcing a 50% screen area requirement. The result was also a fuzzy, washed out image.

    After your comment above, I started looking at all of the image settings and found that selecting "large" (1024x1024 for my site) was the best option, as it had the required pixel density to handle the largest sizing. So, with everything set to "large" image size, it all looks as it should on the screen, with crisp, clear images.

    Moving forward, I would recommend you remove the image sizing options, as they are only confusing people (myself included), and force MP to always use the "large" image size option, as that appears to be the only one that works on all instances.


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