LTI Support for Moodle other LMS's

Just a suggestion: If you want to sell courses to academics it might make sense to develop a way of sharing the wordpress based courses with LMS’s such as Moodle, blackboard, etc. This is typically done with a process called LTI. With this model you create the course once and then sell LTI keys to provide access inside Moodle to your content. Then your wordpress site sends user/grade information to/from the LMS and WordPress.

There are many many benefits to this. I could go into more detail if needed/wanted.

Just a suggestion.

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    Hey @kennibc, hope you’re doing well today! :slight_smile:

    Hmm… definitely a different suggestion. While I’m personally not too familiar with this path, you’re more than welcome to elaborate on the subject here.

    I’ve moved this thread over to the Features & Feedback section for you, since that’s the ideal section on the forums for something like this. :slight_smile:

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    So here is the benefit of a WordPress LMS that uses LTI.

    Moodle, Blackboard, Edmodo, Sakai, and the like are designed from the ground up to be a true Learning Management System with many enterprise level features that any K-12 or college is going to want to have. This is a crowded marketplace with major corporations pouring lots of money into it. No matter how you slice it we would never consider WordPress for our main District LMS. WordPress is just not a true LMS. That is not what WP is good at. When it comes to creating content I would argue that WP is king. It does that VERY well. Most teachers are using one of these true LMS products for online learning. We happen to use both Moodle and WordPress but each has their place in our learning ecosystem.

    LTI is a framework developed by the IMS Global Learning Consortium to provide a standard for secure, real-time communication between learning applications and platforms. LTI services enable the interactions between tool, content, and resource consumers and providers.

    In short, LTI is a communication tool for learning systems which allows the exchange of user accounts, activities, and grades.

    For instance, if Coursepress was connected via LTI to Moodle my students would click on the Coursepress activity from the Moodle course and then a “handshake” would occur in which the Moodle user could interact with the CoursePress Content and then when complete that progress or grade would be sent back to Moodle for the teacher and student to see. This would turn Coursepress into a “Learning Content Creation” tool where content providers could quickly and easily develop rich learning content and deliver that learning to ANY tool the teacher uses.

    Anyone serious about blended learning, flipped classrooms, or full online learning already has a tool that is designed for that. By adding LTI support to Coursepress you will gain traction in a place that is lacking an easy-to-use tool- Content Creation.

    What LTI would offer Coursepress is the ability to turn it into a content creation tool that can be re-used and re-sold to many different organizations. That is powerful for someone who wants to make money from teaching people things. The main benefit to the buyer would be that by using LTI it integrates seamlessly into my learning management tool and my users do not have to create a new account just to access the content found on Coursepress.

    I really love the way you have transformed WordPress into a learning tool with Coursepress. It is easy and fun to create the lessons and tutorials in a way that allows the users to interact with the content via quizzes and the other tools in Coursepress. WordPress is tops when it comes to content creation. It would be super nice to be able to share that content where teachers would use it in a true LMS such as Moodle.

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    The idea here is that each individual course created by Courspress Pro would be able to accept LTI communications with outside sites such as Moodle.

    Take a look at this site I created which uses LTI, WordPress Network, and Pressbooks plugin for WordPress. When a new instance of the LTI connection is made within Moodle it automatically creates a new Blog and allows any user from the Moodle course to access it. We created this as a tool for entire classrooms to generate eBooks collaboratively. Mainly for writing classes.

    Poke around and you can see my step sheets and videos on how it works.

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